Incinerator model A.

Temperature Level Warnings.
Fuel Diesel/LPG/LNG, please indicate.
Burn Rate 100kg/h minimal.
10m Pipe Pipe, indicate size.
2. Incinerator gives 2 room incineration as well as holds gasses for at least 2 seconds.
Gas Retention Time – – 2 Seconds. Diesel/LPG/LNG, please indicate. Power Supply for Control Box- 220V-240V 50Hz lone point.
Burn Rate 150kg/h minimal.
Gas Retention Time 2 Secs.
Product 20 Additional chimney growth, indicate elevation.
A visible or distinct alarm system to notify the driver when the secondary temperature drops to recorded below the required temperature;

Power Supply for Control Box 220V-240V, single point 50-60Hz.
Minimum running temperature 1200 ° C, please indicate.
The house time in the next room shall not be less than 2 seconds;.
Service guarantee, show no of years.
Second Chamber.
Item 13 HTW Burner design D.
Power Supply for Control Box – – 220V-240V 50Hz lone stage.
1 year Spare Components Bundle for complete maintainability.
i. The primary combustion chamber will be accepted as the principal burning zone;.
Gas Retention Time – – 2 Seconds. Fuel – Diesel/LPG/LNG, please indicate.
Item 11 I000 Litre Gas Container + Pipe System, indicate volume.
Wonderful deal 5– Mobile Incinerator.
ii. The minimum combustion temperature level of the primary chamber will not be less than 800 degrees C;

Secondary combustion.
Item 15 1000 Litre Fuel Tank + Pipe System, show quantity.
Minimum running temperature 920 ° C, please indicate.
& & Rural Matters, or European Union regulations and regulations.

Item 17 Mobile Incinerator model E.
Weight (kg), please indicate:.
Control box can be removed and mounted on different stand at the very least 1.5 meters from incinerator at around 1.6 meter elevation;

Great Deal 2.

Both the main and the second temperature levels will be kept until all of the waste was completely combusted;