Animal body parts,other biomedical waste,organs dung

13.     Civil    works,    installation    and
Comnuss!Onmg    lndusive  of  civil  works  (brick  wall  incinerator  house
Type of waste for disposal    Animal  body  parts,other  biomedical  waste,organs dung, bedding materials,plant p缸ts and meals itemsι
bidding document

51. No    Features    $_pecific tions
11.     Opening lid    Large top open归g lid (Approx. 700 mm x 500mm) for
Model of the incinerator.
Of those quoted  incinerator  must  be  included  in  the
Lnstallation and commissioning of the incinerators including hiring of heavy machineries requ让ed at the time of instalIation.
7.     Secondary chamber    Slid heath