cheap incinerators

Temperature Controlled Burner. Incinerators to be designed to meet the Norms of Pollution Control. Technology: Heavy-duty casing, to be a quality, rugged, dependable, economical Incinerator with relevant control, easy to operate and self-contained. Units to be pre-assembled, pre-piped, pre-wired & tested before Transfer / Export.

Note: Similar Technology and / or Tenderers Proposals are welcome.

Within the framework of an environmental equipment & technology consultation and joint purchasing, this Procurement / Notary Bureau invites applicants for pre-qualification from the aim of primarily selecting capable companies to bid for the above tender.
The supply will include the special equipment for successful waste management as stated above for a brand new private environment contract management firm with planned operations 2013 in Indonesia and Thailand, and 2015 in West & East Malaysia to execute those professional services to be able to comply with the government security disposal requirements for animal waste from the area and to meet the higher technical standard in this particular field to be able to protect the public and contain contagious & infectious viruses and animal caused diseases. The spread of a new disease of pigs, also the ‘Nipah Virus Disease’, first evident in 1998 in S.E.Asia, which causes illness and death in both humans and pigs, is increasing again; as well as the sudden passing of sows and boars was recorded in pig farms in Malaysia and other areas in S.E. Asia.