China incinerator

Incinerator Of Burning Capacity 30 kg/hr = 1 No

The Incineration System comprises of:

I. Main Incinerator with

A. Refractory lined Main and Secondary Chamber.

VII. Cyclonic kind droplet separator cum recirculation tank in Mild steel
Between burner & tank.

XVII. Operati ng tools & tackles like rake, hoe, shovel, two teeth scrapper.

XVIII. Caustic dosing system comprising of Tank- Agitator and pump


IX. I.D. Fan with MSRL casing & SS 316 L impeller with motor.

X. Recirculation Pump (SS 316) with Motor along with valves & piping in
SS 316.

XI. Overhead HDPE Water tank for scrubber along with water piping
B. Refractory lined main charging door and ash cleaning door.

II i. 1 No. Fully automatic oil burner for primary room.
between tank and scrubber.

XII. Interconnecting ducting within the battery limits.

XIII. Instruments, valves, dampers and fittings within battery limits.

XIV. PLC based Control Panel with essential instruments.

XV. Data recording apparatus in the kind of Printer.

XVI. Oil tank of 500 ltr capacity along with oil piping, valves & strainers
ii. 1 No. Fully automatic oil burner for secondary space.

III.Centrifugal forced draft combustion air fan with motor.

IV. Flow measurement device on the Pri mary & Secondary air ducting.

V. Auto-loading in the Kind of Dual FDV mechanism with outer gate