china medical incinerator

china medical incinerator Ability
? Typical Daily Max/Min January Temperature, 2-12°C.
? Disposal of both non-hazardous and hazardous waste streams (per waste inventory)
? Average Daily Max/Min June Temperature, 21-39°C
? The incinerators will be installed with visual alarms to alert operations of reduced temperature in the secondary chamber
diesel fuel / mains power operated,

the following containerized incinerators. (Kitchen and lodging and gray water and black water plant eliminating waste) we need incinerator is each function separate are all in one incinerator we need informed. Plant we installing for our lodging barge used in an offshore marine construction project.
programmable cycle

The Incinerators package shall be designed to function under the following conditions:
? Liquid waste streams shall be incinerated by an appropriate liquid injection system
thermostatic temperature control,
Medical waste incinerator,
? Incinerators must have a secondary combustion chamber with a minimum temperature range of 900c