hospital incinerator supplier

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Waste Management Tools must have;.

Burner to possess dual burning chamber and also control amount of dioxin as well as other gasses released without being hazardous.

Estimated dimensions, to manufacturers typical, but to be compact as possible. Capability: roughly 60kg daily, voltage: 220V and also gas fired.

CSH Health Center, (Calabar, Nigeria)

Mmedical waste burner capable of getting rid of approximately 0.5 cubic meter of transmittable or pathological waste.

Incinerator to possess dual burning chamber as well as control amount of dioxin and other gasses discharged without being harmful.

Approximated dimensions, to suppliers standard, however to be compact as possible. Ability: approximately 120kg daily, voltage: 220V and diesel fired.INCINERATOR (WASTE INCINERATOR).
Gas:- Gas.
– Approximately 100kgs per hr of waste or red bag waste rated at 2200 BTU’s per kg.
Long Shoes Pairs: For waste handling– 06 Pairs.