INCINERATOR For incineration of Laboratory wastes Substances

Incinerators to be acceptable for the professional disposal of medical & clinical waste / garbage with a higher load capacity in the range of approximately
1000-1500 Kg.  The durable, self-contained incinerators shall give an effective and highly efficient, safe disposal and to be manufactured according to applicable international directives, e.g. CE, EU, etc..
Temperature controlled,
efficient burner for optimal fuel economy. Incinerator at the best technology and an approximate capacity of 2000 ton / year. Maybe an incineration capacity of 200 kg / hr and a calorific value of 7500 kcal / kg. Industrial and domestical waste.INCINERATOR For incineration of Laboratory wastes materials

i.Smoke and odor free
ii.High Temperature, refractory lining with excellent heat retention
iii.Quick heat up time
iv.Must possess a secondary room v.Constant run fan
vi.Temperature tracking vii.Thermostat Control

Technical Specifications
i.Capacity:                    approx. 0.20 m3
ii.Fuel consumption:        5 litres /hour Diesel Oil
iii.Min Operating Temp:   900 oC
iv.Max Operating Temp:   1350 oC
v.Residence Time:           2 sec
vi.Burning rate:                 35kg/hr minimum

Standard accessories required

Consumables and Spares
Supplied with  spares and consumables to execute at least 1000 evaluations