incinerator manufacturer

“PYROLYTIC” combustion, by controlling the gasification of waste

The incinerator manufacturer must prevent the discharge of black smoke and dust that is fine, during the loadings.

It shall have the ability to decrease the quantity of wastes by 98%.

It shall have the ability to hold emission in the next burn with gas residence of not less than 2 seconds.


The incineration should be wholly free from visible smoke as well as offensive odours.

1.0The primary ignition burner shall providing ignition of the waste to 850 °C and must switch off to conserve fuel.

The primary combustion chamber shall be constructed from heavy steel plate and the device is internally lined with a

complete layer of hote face refractory and higher efficiency insulation. 400 and its height: 8 m

The Internal diameter of the Chimney at least: ? 400 and its height: 8 m