laboratory incinerator

the Whole carcass of animals ( Horses, Cows,

air retention for at least 2 seconds at a temperature of less than 850C, the combustion
C to – 15 0C laboratory incinerator
Temperature and 5% – 95 percent – of moisture conditions.
Which are managed remotely by the operator.
? Fully mobile – mounted on wheeled chassis
Potential to minimize (approximately 5% sterile ash
Fuel stoves
? The ability to pre- warm-up, body waste burning on and off
8MJ/kg- material and 60% humidity.
Products from the fuel stove.
Sheep, pigs , etc.) , as well as biologically hazardous waste
Even during the surgery.
Must be installed on the generator.
Consistency is independent of the first and secondary chambers.
In order to achieve the proper effect.
? Ensuring the incinerator with electricity, it
The destruction of 1000 kg / hour.
Information on the variation of temperature with respect to time and
? The waste products to reduce the initial volume

? Designed to work in long mode and quick
Without using any additional equipment