SWRHA chairman: Delay in Charge causes medical waste back-up

Chairman of the South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) Dr Lackram Bodoe said a Copy of medical waste at the San Fernando General Hospital had to do with a delay in payment to a contractor and not the malfunctioning of the incinerator.

Responding to complaints about the risks posed by the accumulated medical waste, which comprised amputated limbs, needles, and bloodstained items, Bodoe assured that the $9 million incinerator installed last year was functioning well.

He said it had been allowed to collect because daily paid employees refused to work on Tuesday.

Speaking with members of the media at SWRHA’s symposium on leadership at the Southern Academy of Performing Arts on Wednesday, Bodoe stated:

“I want to give the assurance that the incinerator itself is working nicely.

“This is a new incinerator that was installed last year and the issue had to do with a contractor who was supposed to eliminate the garbage and there was a delay of funding and that is what created a temporary situation yesterday.”

Asked how soon the situation will be rectified, he said:”I have just been given the assurance by the CEO that the matter has been dealt with as we speak, so I expect at the end of the day it’ll be sorted out.”

In addition, Bodoe stated the SWRHA was also considering introducing a new kind of technology, called the radio wave technology for incineration, which was much more atmosphere friendly.

But a Public Service Association representative, who wished to remain anonymous, said the incinerator was breaking down on a regular basis because it was installed last year and wasn’t working at this moment.

“They had to revert to the old incinerator and that is unsafe and unhealthy to people operating that incinerator.

He said employees took the action on Tuesday because since last week they had been assured that the garbage problem would have been sorted out.